'Trouble for Thomas - US/'Thomas and the Trucks - UK is the sixth episode ever made in Season 1.


Thomas was bored with his job of shunting coaches and complained to the other engines about it. One night, Edward offered to swap jobs with Thomas: he would shunt the coaches while Thomas took his trucks. Thomas happily agreed.

Unfortunately, Thomas didn't know what trouble trucks are and lost control of the trucks and they push him down a hill. Thomas was barely able to stop before some buffers, preventing a nasty accident. The Fat Controller appeared and advised Thomas that he should learn more about trucks if he is to become a Really Useful Engine.


  • At the beginning, Gordon is in the middle of the shed with Thomas and Henry to the left and James and Edward to the right, but in the close-ups, Thomas is in the middle, Gordon and James are on one side, and Edward and Henry are on the other.