Time for Trouble is the third episode ever made in Season 3.


Gordon is exhausted and James is given his work while he has a rest. James becomes more boastful than ever and brags about his importance to Toby, who is in need of repairs. Toby puffs away to the Works, but when he takes on water at Maron, he is told to clear the path for James. Toby struggles to Cronk to stock up, but runs out of water. Toby's driver hitches a ride in Henrietta back to Maron, and tells a furious James huffily pushes Toby to the Works, where several children joke that Toby was needed to help James with the Express, promting the red engine to disappear in a cloud of steam.


  • In the first shot, Edward's eyes are wonky and in the following shot, Gordon's eyes are wonky too.