Thomas in Trouble - UK/Thomas Breaks the Rules - US is the twenty-second episode ever made in Season 1.


Thomas is leaving the quarry at the end of his branch line. Thomas is always careful at this point in his run and sees a new policeman on his bike. Having been friends with the previous policeman who had just retired, Thomas whistles good morning to him. Unfortunately, this policeman is not in the mood to be friendly.

The policeman first complains about Thomas' whistling and then tells Thomas he is breaking the law by not wearing cowcatchers and sideplates on the road. Thomas' driver argues that they have never had an accident before, but this just makes things worse and the policeman brands Thomas a "regular law breaker". Thomas continues sadly to the station.

In his dining room, the Fat Controller is having breakfast when he is phoned about Thomas' incident with the police. Rushing to the station, the Fat Controller is told what happened and starts arguing with the policeman. The policeman won't back down however and the Fat Controller concedes that Thomas will need to be fitted with cowcatchers and sideplates.

Thomas is distraught by this, saying that he will be teased for looking like a tram. The comment causes the Fat Controller to be reminded of Toby. Knowing that Toby is losing a lot of his work, the Fat Controller writer a letter to Toby's controller asking if he can be sent to Sodor.

A few days later, Toby arrives and is greeted by the Fat Controller, who notices that Toby has brought Henrietta with him. But he is more than happy to allow her to stay as well.

Toby soon proves to have a talent for handling the trucks. Although Thomas is jealous at first, he quickly becomes good friends with Toby, especially when Toby uses his bell to frighten the policeman.


  • In the first close up of the policeman talking, the camera wobbles.