Thomas Gets Tricked (RS - HD)-1383860389

Thomas Gets Tricked (RS - HD)-1383860389

200px-Thomas Gets Tricked

Thomas in his first episode.

'Thomas Gets Tricked - US/'Thomas and Gordon - UK, was the first Thomas TV series episode ever made!


Thomas teases Gordon about being lazy and about him not working hard. Gordon gets cross and pays Thomas back. When Thomas shunts the coaches into place, Gordon started off so fast the workmen didn't have any time to uncouple Thomas. Gordon makes Thomas go all the way until the next stop. After that, Thomas learns a lesson.


  • When Henry leaves Knapford, his brake coach is backwards and in the front. A van and a brake van have also joined his train.
  • When Henry and James run past, a strange grey object is over the church.
  • When Ringo Starr says "It was nearly time for the express", the are no coaches on the track next to Gordon. When Thomas puffs in, they magically appear.
  • In one scene, there is a set of points leading from the track outside Platform 5 to the track outside Platform 4. In the next scene, it disappears.
  • When Gordon comes out of Henry's Tunnel, the track bounces up and down.
  • In the close-ups of Thomas and Gordon, they aren't pulling anything.
  • When the train crosses the viaduct, the edge of the set is visible and a small face can be seen on the second coach if you pause or slow it down.
  • At one point, Thomas isn't being pulled along.
  • When Thomas puffs into the siding, a camera stand is visible on the left of the screen.
  • When Thomas goes onto the turntable, a camera stand is visible and a small white mark is visible on his tank.
  • The end of the set can be seen when Thomas puffs off to Knapford Station yawning and when Gordon puffs with the express with Thomas behind him.
  • In the restored version, Gordon backs down down a little at Knapford before he stops.
  • Clarabel's name can be seen when Thomas backs down to Platform 2.
  • When Ringo Starr says "Always pulling coaches about ready for the big engines to take along journeys", the studio is able to see.
  • In the American narration Ringo says "Almost before the coaches had stopped moving", but in his British narration he says "and almost before the coaches had stopped moving"