The Trouble with Mud is the fourth episode ever made in Season 3.


One morning, Thomas is being cleaned when a muddy Gordon arrives. Gordon lets off steam and mud is blown all over Thomas' smart blue paint. Thomas tells Gordon to have a wash down, but Gordon does not care and leaves. A strong wind is blowing and Gordon's driver tells him to slow down. At the next station, Gordon sees a sign saying "All trains must wash down daily".

James is just finishing with his wash down and Gordon's driver tells him it is his turn now, but Gordon blows off steam and mud flies all over James. Gordon's driver tells him that now he has to wait until James gets another wash, but Gordon does not and leaves to pull the express. The Fat Controller is waiting for Gordon at Knapford and tells him that, because he is muddy, Henry will have to take the express.

Gordon leaves to get a wash down and then pulls trucks for the rest of the day. James is getting ready to pull the express, when Gordon returns. Gordon warns James about the hills being slippery and says that he may need help. But James says that he does not need help and leaves. Earlier, a storm had swept across Gordon's Hill, blowing leaves onto the tracks. Though the storm had passed, the hill was still slippery.

When James is half way up, his wheels begin to slip he rolls back down the hill. Gordon saw everything and helps James up the hill. That night, Thomas asks the Fat Controller if Gordon can pull coaches again. The Fat Controller says yes as along as he stays clean.


  • The cleaners washing Thomas all have skinny-coloured wires for necks.