Percy Proves a Point - US/Percy and Harold - UK is the tenth episode ever made in Season 2.


Percy was enjoying working at the new harbour on Thomas' Branch Line. He liked the branch line work rather than shunting for the mainline engines at the big station. Along the branch line was an airfield and Percy would hear the planes flying overhead. The loudest though was a helicopter. Percy complained about the noise it would make.

One day, Percy stopped with his train at the airfield. The helicopter was there and they began by introducing each other. The helicopter's name was Harold and it was not long before the two start trading insults. When they finished, Harold flew away and Percy set off for the quarry. Percy found Toby and vented off his feelings about Harold.

On Percy's trip back to the harbor, they hear Harold's unmistakable buzzing. Percy's crew encourage the two to race each other. Percy had never been allowed to go that fast before. The trucks wailed and begged Percy to stop, but it was no use. They had to slow down when they reached the wharf and Percy was sure that they had lost the race. But when the fireman climbed onto the roof of the cab, he could see Harold still looking for a place to land.

In celebration of Percy's victory, the fireman sung a little song about the race. Percy loved it.


  • In the first shot, Percy pushes a box close to the rails.