A Proud Day for James - US'/'James and the Express - UK, is the tenth episode ever made in Season 1.


Although the Fat Director is starting to think well of James after his recent success with the trucks, he is still subject to ridicule by Gordon and Henry, who tease him about the time he made a hole in one of his coaches. He tries to get back at them by mentioning Gordon getting stuck on the hill and Henry refusing to leave the tunnel, but to no avail.

The next day however, Gordon's arrogance gets the better of him when he pulls the express so fast, he ends up on the loop line before the signalman has the time to change the points. Embarrassed, Gordon returns to the station and the passengers demand their money back. The Fat Controller promises them a new train and offers the express to James, who delightfully accepts. James pulls the express so well that the Fat Controller allows him to take turns with Gordon in the future.

In the meantime, Gordon learns to appreciate quiet work and he and James become friends.


  • After Gordon leaves Knapford, the truck in front of James changes.