'Edward Helps Out - US/'Edward and Gordon - UK is the second episode ever made in Season 1.


Edward is feeling left out until his driver and fireman come to take him to do some work. All the other engines were left behind. Edward's coaches think he's wonderful! Edward can't wait to go outside the next day. Gordon is still boasting about being the strongest and not needing a back engine and not having to pull dirty cars instead! Gordon gets stuck on the hill and needs Edward's help, but doesn't want it! Edward comes anyway. Edward puffs and huffs to get Gordon up the hill and ends up doing it! Gordon doesn't say thank you to Edward anymore. His driver gives him a drink and tells him the next day he will give Edward a new coat of blue paint with red stripes, which makes Edward happy.


  • It says that all the other engines were bigger than Edward, but Thomas is smaller.