'Double Trouble' - US/Thomas, Percy, and the Coal - UK is the first episode episode ever made in Season 2.


Thomas claims to have the best paintwork on Sodor and brags to Percy and Toby about it. When they tell him they like their paint, Thomas insults them by saying blue is the only proper color for a really useful engine.

Later that day, Thomas was resting by the coal hopper when Percy arrived to fill up some trucks. Thomas decides to be cheeky, warning Percy of the trucks antics and some unsafe buffers behind him. The trucks then push Percy into the buffers and the last truck passes the coal chute causing a pile of coal to bury Thomas and ruin his paintwork; Percy thought this was funny. It took so long to clean Thomas that Toby had to pull his next train.

That night at the sheds, Thomas was cross with Percy; he thought Percy caused his accident on purpose. Percy then became cross with Thomas for thinking so, whilst Toby thought it was a great joke. The two tank engines spent the rest of the night arguing.

The next day, Thomas was feeling more cheerful as Percy brought in a train of trucks from the junction. The trucks were heavy and Percy wanted a drink, so he went into the siding where the water tower was. As Percy crept down the siding, he found he could not stop. He crashed through the buffers and landed in a pile of coal. Thomas had seen everything and left when his signal turned to green.

That night, Percy and Thomas forgave each other and both vowed to be more careful with coal.


  • Underneath the bridge Thomas crosses at the beginning, there is some black plastic.