Duck seen in the episode Bulgy

Bulgy is when Duck is at the station when he see shiny new but called Bulgy. He wants to b friends but Bulgy doesn't. Oliver says Bulgy is silly but after he meats Bulgy's friend he's no longer happy. Bulgy starts to steal their passengers and knows a shortcut

but, the shortcut goes under a bridge and Bulgy gets stuck under it. Then Duck saves the passengers but, Bulgy is turned into a hen house.

Goofs Edit

  • When Bulgy talks to Duck about Bertie being no use at all, Bertie is behind him, Bertie would have said something.
  • If Oliver is almost the same age as Duck then why didn't he pull the same type of coaches Duck was?
  • In one of the opening scenes, Duck is passing over a bridge above James. However, later into the episode, we see Bulgy crossing the very same bridge, How can Bulgy ride on rails? 
  • After Bulgy becomes a hen house Bertie rids the same road Bulgy did in a different way, He would have crashed into another car.