A Scarf for Percy is the first episode ever made in Season 3.


The cold winter conditions have woken Thomas and Percy up early, and to keep their mind off the cold, they talk about warm things. Thomas jokingly suggests Percy should wear a scarf and Percy takes him seriously. Percy is later in the yard, trying to sneak up on the coaches. Unluckily, two porters pulling a baggage trolley across the line did not hear Percy coming and the trolley is crushed. Percy, the Fat Controller, and several passengers are showered in jam and the Fat Controller's top-hat and special trousers are ruined. Percy is given the trousers to use as a scarf and Percy promptly changes his opinion about scarves. That evening, Percy is cleaned, has the trousers taken away and is told by Henry that the next day will be warmer.


  • Percy's trucks disappear at Dryaw.